“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” -Dakota proverb


An Epic Battle: Good and Evil

The universe is 93% energy and 7% matter. 
With this understanding we should remember the Lakota saying, “We are not much, but we are a whole lot more than nothing.” Our bodies are just a shell containing our soul, our vital energy, which is free in the knowledge that we are all actually One.

Luciferians looted and pillaged all the wealth and resources from this Garden of Eden, and usurped the ancient wisdom. They then hid this wisdom from the masses and slaughtered Aboriginal people around the globe who were content in the garden and lived harmoniously in the knowledge that they were just a part of God’s creation.

They stole the seven-sense knowledge of the Indigenous people and hid it from humanity within their secret societies where they lorded over it and called it the Ancient Mysteries, though there was nothing mysterious about it. It was simply reality.

[[BOOM: One? We are all related - all human - all made the same? Yes we are.]]

...an epic battle between Good and Evil is entering a critical phase. While truth lies in unity and wholeness, they seek to divide, disrupt and obfuscate. via

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"Best to stay away from religion and go for the dreaming - the most powerful religion of them all".
Paul Cox

"Those who lose their Dreaming are truly lost "
Indigenous Australian proverb

“It’s time to wake up and realize whether you’re the dreamer or the dreamed.” (John Armitage ‘Hari Das’ – Multidimensional Healer)