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President of the Hair Club for Men?

Donald Trump is no stranger to jokes.

In 2011, Trump volunteered to be roasted on Comedy Central. He's taken his fair share of shots at White House correspondents dinners. But there's no doubt that when it comes to jokes and insults, the billionaire businessman can give as good as he gets.

In that spirit, here are 18 of 120 of the best Donald Trump jokes and insults out there. (*Profanity is retained in the interest of comedy.)

1. “It’s like an Internet comment troll ran for president.”—Jon Stewart

2. “The good news is, President Obama was born in America. The bad news is, so was Donald Trump.” —Jay Leno

3. “Donald Trump is the kind of person who goes to the Super Bowl and thinks the people in the huddle are talking about him."―Eric Schneiderman

4. “Donald Trump announces this morning that he will run for president. His hair will announce on Friday.”—Albert Brooks

Hawaii humor? Pups in Love?

(this was an anniversary card I gave the hubby)

we are VERY poetic...


plans plans plans

I have plans.
I'm saving plastic Wonder Bread bags.
I even dreamt how I'm going to braid them.
Maybe I'm nuts. Maybe not.
But hey, the next four years are unknown,
and instead of screaming at the TV (again) (and driving my hubs to drink)
or trusting people who say all will be OK,
even better than we expect,
that the orange clown will give us what we want,
the truth,
the hidden shit, mind-blowing evidence, ending all conspiracy theories,
then I'm waiting.
I'm waiting to hear something smart come out of his mouth.

A preview of my new chapbook MENTAL MIDGETS: Am I supposed to be doing this?, using by penname Laramie Harlow.

Primary Source - Poet Jason Schneiderman

CLICK: Today's Book of Poetry: Primary Source - Jason Schneiderman (Red Hen Pr...

To Please and Instruct

       The purpose of art is to please and instruct
       -- Horace, Arts Poetica

The moral of this poem is fuck you.
The moral of this poem is I'm drunk.
The moral of this poem is I'm too drunk to be held responsible for what I'm
saying to you right now.
The moral of this poem is you're fat.
The moral of this poem is if you come after me, I will have your Hotmail
account turned off, true story.
The moral of this poem is herpes.
The moral of this poem is the Pope's a liar.
The moral of this poem is I'm sorry I threw up through my nose on you.
The moral of this poem is getting through customs without a passport.
The moral of this poem is gestalt therapy.
The moral of this poem is terrorists.
The moral of this poem is you like Tarantino movies because you're stupid
and I like Tarantino movies because I'm smart.
The moral of this poem is cats that look like Hitler.
The moral of this poem is reality television.
The moral of this poem is don't have sex with your siblings, parents, or
anyone under eighteen, sixteen if you're in Greece, fourteen in Denmark.
The moral of this poem is meth mouth.
The moral of this poem is gun-show loophole.
The moral of this poem is Gawker.

The moral of this poem is two state solution.
The moral of this poem is too much rage.
The moral of this poem is rehab sucks.
The moral of this poem is your wife being fingered in the bathroom at a 
party by this guy you invited because you thought he was cool and look
where that got you. 
The moral of this poem is rules change.
The moral of this poem is George Washington filling his dentures with
teeth pulled from his slaves.
The moral of this poem is kill me.
The moral of this poem is hip surgery.
The moral of this poem is drone strike wedding massacre.
The moral of this poem is thong.
The moral of this poem is shut up.
The moral of this poem is make me.

Show Time at the Ministry of Lost Causes: Poet Cheryl Dumesnil at Radar Reading Series

notes of wisdom? poems?

You got money left?  Lookie here: 2016 Gift Guide

For an older relative do this:

Suggest: Too often we wait until it’s almost too late to start recording our relatives’ notes of wisdom. Why not start now? 

Buy a Zoom recorder ($100) (video below) and “gift” her/him an hour or two of recording time a week. You’ll sit together and just let her/him riff.  If it’s awkward at first, try keeping in mind something like these journaling prompts; I’d bet her/his memories and aphorisms are tied together quite closely. You could also do this by phone by setting the Zoom to record with your phone on speaker, or using Skype, though the sound quality might suffer. Use a free editing program like Audacity to cut them all together (it’s easier than it sounds, I promise), or upload them as individual clips to Soundcloud. 

Establishing a living library shows that you value that advice and time he/she’s so generous with. Some similar ideas if you’re intimidated by the technical aspect: Give him/her a line-a-day memory book ($14), or take a blank recipe book ($7) and start filling in the ones of his/hers you know, leaving room for her/him to add in her aphorisms and notes alongside.

Poems? Family history? Hey, use the holidaze to start this project: BOOM


right NOW, right?

“Remember then: there is only one time that is important—Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.”

This quote is from Leo Tolstoy’s What Men Live By, and Other Tales, and it serves as a fitting prompt for us all to direct our attention to what is actually happening in our lives in this moment.

motion poems


The idea of basing a video on a poem may one day seem as natural and inevitable as the setting of poems to music used to be.
David Lehman
editor, Best American Poetry

Wednesday's Word: twenty-sixteen

What Do You Know?

1. All together, Americans eat about ____________ Big Macs every year.

2. Since 720 B.C.E., when the first recorded eclipse was observed, Earth’s rotation has gotten about ____________ slower.

3. When you’re in a deep sleep, your neurons fire one to four times per second—compared to ____________ times per second when you’re concentrating on a memory.

What Do You Know?

4. ____________ have always been canvases for political commentary and projection, regardless if their manufacturers want them to be.  

Wednesday Word: twenty-sixteen  (so friggin' glad to see you go)


The silence is so loud

No matter what I tell you
You still don’t want to see

Would you rather I lie to you
Than change what you believe

What a funny way to listen
With your head against a cloud

You refuse to answer me
The silence is so loud

© 2004    I published this in Sleeps with Knives

I took this photo in Puerto Rico years back


Cynthia Jobin, rest in peace



Let me down easy
the way hints of winter
fall exquisitely today
scattering icy lacy flowers
from a cloud bouquet
flutter, waver just a bit
unhurried and unworried
to get on with it.
A deeper cold will come
but stay its harder hand
let play a little longer
the november grey indefinites
let me down easy.
The longest night is still ahead
weighs heavy in the apprehension
threatening dismay
let me go haltingly into its
frozen moonlit desolation
tempered by the touch of
something of its opposite
knowing I am anyway
to be let down, I pray
let me down easy.

(She passed Dec. 13, 2016)

Wham! - Last Christmas

Rest In Peace George

Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) [Off...

where do you begin...

‘Where do you begin telling someone their world is not the only one?’
— Lee Maracle, Ravensong.

‘The teacher can try to rearrange desires noncoercively… through an attempt to develop in the student a habit of literary reading, even just ‘reading,’ suspending oneself into the text of the other – for which the first condition and effect is a suspension of the conviction that I am necessarily better, I am necessarily the end product for which history happened.’
— Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, ‘Righting Wrongs.’

Fernando Pessoa & Co.: Selected Poems

Fernando Pessoa, the most famous Portuguese poet, claimed to do nothing but “pretend and posture.” We are told in the Introduction that three of Pessoa’s primary characters are distinguished by how they “feel:” one just “feels;” another adjusts his feelings to reality; a third modifies his feelings "according to classical measures and rules." He created and abandoned styles, even being credited with a new type of symbolism called “Paulismo.” Pessoa gave each of his alternate egos physical descriptions, mannerisms and had them interact, converse, and write to each other, like a literary doll house. So in effect, his poems were written by “different people;" thus the “and company” of the book’s title.

So let’s see some snippets of his (their?) stuff:

To be a poet is not my ambition,
It’s my way of being alone

But Spring isn’t even a thing:
It’s a manner of speaking.

It is night. It’s very dark. In a house far away
A light is shining in the window.
I see it and feel human from head to toe.

The Universe is not an idea of mine;
My idea of the Universe is an idea of mine.
Night doesn’t fall before my eyes;
My idea of night falls before my eyes.

Where there are roses we plant doubt.
Most of the meaning we glean is our own,
And forever not knowing, we ponder.

Believe me, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates,
And all religions put together teach no more than the candy shop.

I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist.
I’m the gap between what I’d like to be and what others have made me,
Or half of this gap, since there’s also life…

And as for the mother who rocks a dead child in her arms---
We all rock a dead child in our arms.

I’m being watched, but where from?
Which things that can’t see are looking at me?
Who’s in everything, peering?

From the mountain comes a song
Saying that however much
The soul may come to have,
It will always be unhappy.

Goodreads review by Jim Fonseca


merry merry

Thanks to artist Anthony Antonellis for giving us a taste of the holiday spirit.

hope you got good stuff

this dog got lots of good snow for the holidaze... BOOM


Liam Neeson Auditions For Mall Santa Claus

we're watching

Syfy Channel has this: 12 Disasters of Christmas... here

and maybe this:

The X-Files: "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"

Six seasons into its run, The X-Files still had plenty of tricks up its sleeve, including this last of a few holiday episodes, which was highly-promoted by Fox at the time it aired. Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner guest starred as two ghosts in a haunted house being investigated by Mulder and Scully. The ghosts were in love and took part in a murder-suicide pact so they would never have to be apart, and as Mulder learned, they haunted a house every Christmas Eve. However, their intentions are not as good as they might sound. This was definitely one of the more memorable one-off X-Files episodes, with tremendous performances by Asner and Tomlin.

barack and joe

How Much Money is There on Earth?

This is a big boom for me...

all day


I can't get enough of these

happy christmas

SEE MORE SANTAS (or Anta-Says) (in pig latin)  here

Today's Book of Poetry: A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent

CLICK: Today's Book of Poetry: A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent - Stuart Ross

Snow falls in the Sahara for the first time in 37 YEARS

this explains...

why this blog BOOM will be about ART every single month.. no matter what... art saves lives....

In this series of interviews with more than 100 American workers, we asked you to tell us about your work: the pivotal moments in your career, the times you’ve succeeded or struggled to make it, what your job has taught you about how to treat people, and more. 
 This reader works in “a tiny, quirky hometown art gallery:

You’d be surprised at how many tears I see every day. I have a woman who comes in weekly to visit a painting of weathered old lady hands resting on a quilt. She tears up as she tells me every time how much it reminds her of her grandmother, and how much she misses her. Or on another day, I have a woman who has come in looking for butterfly prints as a memorial for her daughter, who loved them. We sit together as she tells stories and cries, and then we walk the whole store together to find her the best memorial that we can. But on the best days, I get to see the happy tears when I can tell an artist that someone loved the work that they did so much that they bought it, or the quiet joy of a person of any age, maybe one who hasn’t been able to fit in anywhere else, who has found something that they identify with. Art may not save lives, but it saves hearts, and it’s a message that I will carry with me from the moment I took that job until the day I die.

Appreciation Friday: Artist Robert De Niro Senior

ROBERT DE NIRO, SR. was part of the celebrated New York School of post-war American artists.  His work blended abstract and expressionist styles of painting with traditional representational subject matter, bridging the divide between European Modernism and Abstract Expressionism.

Throughout his career Robert De Niro Sr. remained well known and respected within the art world throughout his career. In the 1970s De Niro became professor, teaching at several art schools including the Copper Union, the New School for Social Research, the School of Visual Arts, and East Michigan State College.  He continued to exhibit in galleries throughout the United States until his death in 1993. Over the course of his nearly fifty year career, De Niro continued to paint mesmerizing landscapes, interiors and figures with distinctly modern abstract shapes of brilliant color and invigorating brush strokes.

Robert De Niro Sr died in 1993.

HIS ESTATE website

AT&T commercial

Poets West

I adore J Glenn Evans and his group Poets West... They have a channel you can check out HERE


humor me

ho ho ho

the end is nearing


And the mothers know not
what to do
Yet we implore
them to listen
to the childless women
who would take their daughter in
who would guide their son
to better lives
than are lost now
to bigotry and hate
when human life should
the final closing hours
of an underdog
in the universe
Playing catch-up with our Galileoes and our Ensteins
Picassos and Hemingways
Ray Bradburys & Luke Skywalkers
In the remains
The human race an anomaly
self-destructive apathy
an anti-thesis of meaning
Bound by laws
adhered as temporal
mendicants reliant
on alms of others
A sentient being
no doubt
could possess a thirst
for power
The most elusive and hollow
of the three
cast about
in the
Holy Trinity
in the beauty of forgiveness

It seems there is too much to change

I wish I could forget everything I know
and start the world
 all over
 fresh as a newborn

I would teach that we all love, and not hate
Instead of creating fear
we would practice faith
and acceptance
of every child and race

We would sing songs
to the trees and animals
We would grow a big garden buzzing with insects
and stop all pollution

Instead of giving gifts
we would give attention
We would be involved with freedom for all
and a safe place
to grow old

God creates perfect souls, men create monsters

Television would be destroyed, along with our acceptance of violence
People from every race and tribe would teach their culture and tradition in our schools, discussing  similarities not differences

We would not be able to marry another person until we knew each other very well 
and did truly love and respect each other completely

All children would be a witness to healthy love and commitment
nurtured by both parents and the community
Only the wise would be allowed to rule and make the laws

People would work at what they love, 
not slaves to money and busy-ness
using their gifts of creativity, 
not in a race or competition

It seems there is too much to change

We have grown familiar with racism, oppression and inequality
There is not much to hope for, in work or marriage 
where there is no honor and nothing is sacred

We think it is still safe to teach our children the ways we were taught
but it's not
We will not learn to change until we look at history,
until we become less numbed and dazed with alcohol and drugs,
until we become more aware of our need to feel safe

There will be no change 
until we change our perspective, 
restore innocence, 
until we all try harder.....

I published this in a chapbook Becoming, under the name Laramie Harlow at


Happy Birthday to J. Glenn Evans, Poet, Novelist and Political Activist

That time that comes
and so quickly goes
Christmastime that reminds
me of so long ago
Mother and father
sisters and brothers
all huddled around
our separate piles
with smiles
Oh such joy
that brief glimpse
peeked through
the curtain of time
when we were young
and they were old
Now we are old
and they are gone
J. Glenn Evans
Copyleft © 1992
J. Glenn Evans, Poet, Novelist and Political Activist
Books by J. Glenn Evans
Poetswest Website
Poetswest Youtube
PoetsWest Radio Programs
J Glenn is one of my favorite people... and he's a Cherokee elder too!


it’s very (did I say VERY yet?) important to make it absolutely clear to MY readers that the information I provide is for informational (and probably entertainment) purposes only and that when the reader is in doubt, they should seek help from a professional.