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I wish I had a roadmap of some kind to give you, one complete with instructions on how to move from the almost-wasn’t to the thankfully-was. I don’t, though, nor do I think that map exists, but it’s my hope that even just this brief reminder of how much there is to be gained will be enough to encourage more of us to take those small leaps....
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5 signs you may be talking to a bot

If you're on social media - be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram - it's worth asking yourself: Can you tell when you're talking to a bot?
One study last year estimated that bots make up nearly 15% of Twitter users in total – about 30 million – double Twitter’s own estimate of bots on their platform.


poetry that takes the reader out of their comfort zone

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Jay Ritchie was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and lives in Montreal, Quebec. Cheer Up, Jay Ritchie is his first full-length collection.
‘With their clever – but never glib – concision of image, and emotional directedness, these poems actually make me feel something, and that is something I really enjoy.’
     – Rebecca Wolff, author of One Morning

‘Ritchie throws black holes on the wall, disappears through them. His poems are like dreams dreamed mid-movement, just before something happens, as if light, buildings, breath, parakeets, hope, haircuts, Montreal, and art-making are all fragments of the same epiphany.’
     – Sean Michaels, Giller Prize-winning author of Us Conductors

‘Charming, funny, and often elegant. This is a formidable collection.’
     – Ben Fama, author of Fantasy


Stop Discrimination and Respect Diversity

elevation 1049| Breaking Into Trunks

Allora & Calzadilla

Breaking into Trunks, 2017

The stump of a tree is like an open book. A book in which the tree tells its story. Everything that happened.
 They record everything and keep it engraved as the lines of a hand.
 We just observe them and they speak to us through this secret language: the language of shapes. The wood is the second life of the tree. Stradivarius said that ‘the violin was born in the woods and that it sounds like a tree’.

-Marcello Mazzocchi, December 14, 2016

“Breaking into Trunks” takes the form of a meditation on the interior orders of the universe. Inspired by visits to the Gstaad-Saanenland it draws inspiration from the mysteries of music, physics and economics.  From the hunt for the resonant ‘Stradivarious Violin’ trees that found their way into the hands of famed violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, to the search for the mysterious Higgs Boson particle in nearby Cern and the tally stick system used by local farmers, it traces a path of order and disorder, beauty and chaos as it might be staged within the humble confines of a local barn.

The film shows the process of a 250-year-old tone-wood tree being cut down (breaking into its trunk) on the last autumn full moon of 2016, the moment when the sap-level is at its lowest, the wood the driest, and the acoustic properties the best. The straight lines of the wood’s grain, themselves tallies of time, are what make the sound resonate so perfectly. The music for film is composed entirely with a violin. The voiceover recounts parts of a short story attributed to the late 4th century BC Daoist philosopher, Zhuangzi, titled "Breaking into Trunks" which contemplates the nature of wisdom and its effects on the ordering of the world. The text’s strong resonance with todays political climate, paired with the image and sound, lends the whole film an allegorical character. VIA

...Mettlenstrasse 41a, Gstaad

Cecilia Bengolea

Olympia Scarry


Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet - We Learn to Speak Yet Another Language

Support Animals

From best friend to therapist: Research on emotional support animals
It turns out pigs can fly. And turtles and dogs, but maybe not peacocks or hamsters. As some household (and exotic) pets receive promotions to more clinical roles as emotional support animals (ESAs), companions that run the gamut from furry to scaly are popping up increasingly in unexpected places. This research roundup highlights scholarship on perceptions and conceptions of emotional support animals. It also delves into another controversial aspect of ESAs — whether or not they benefit their owners.


Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless

Today you voted

Will it Be Heaven or Hell?

While walking down the street one day a US senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies.
His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.
“Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we’re not sure what to do with you.”
“No problem, just let me in,” says the man.
“Well, I’d like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we’ll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity.”
“Really, I’ve made up my mind. I want to be in heaven,” says the senator.
“I’m sorry, but we have our rules.”
And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.
Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting Rich at the expense of the people.
They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and champagne.
Also present is the Devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises…
The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him.
“Now it’s time to visit heaven.”
So, 24 hours pass with the senator joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.
“Well, then, you’ve spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity.”
The senator reflects for a minute, then he answers: “Well, I would Never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in hell.”
So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell.
Now the doors of the elevator open and he’s in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage. He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above. The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.
“I-I don’t understand,” stammers the senator. “Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there’s just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?”
The devil looks at him, smiles and says, “Yesterday we were campaigning. Today you voted.”


Rule #5 Force yourself


FORCE YOURSELF to feel happy - as in silly goofy crazy happy! Even if you're not - PRETEND!

Give it 5 minutes each day. Do it for me and for you.

three faces



During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russian hackers attacked the U.S. on two fronts: the psychological and the technical. And it won't be the last time it happens. This psychological cyber warfare will only get better, and its methods more sophisticated.


Russia? Why?

We're not sure why but it seems Russia wants some kind of revenge on America. And it plotted quite a long time to make it happen. Why? (Bots, are you ready to think this out?)

from the Atlantic...The (Meuller) document (today) is the most complete set of allegations offered by the government yet about one subset of Russian interference, going far beyond an intelligence-community report released in early 2017. At its peak, the alleged conspiracy had a budget of more than $1.25 million per month for activities in the U.S. and elsewhere.

from the Intercept:

Is Donald Trump a Traitor?

Trump and Russia
Part 1

Americans must live with the uncertainty of not knowing whether Trump has the best interests of the United States or those of Russia at heart.
Part 2 is coming soon
I find it hard to write about Donald Trump.

NEA and NEH gone?

...the second year in a row that Trump has called for the elimination of the NEA and NEH


Source: Trump's Proposed 2019 Budget Would Slash Arts Funding in Attempt to Close NEA and NEH [UPDATED]
last year we posted this


bad enough?

The risk, at least for the West, is not a new world war, but merely a poisoned public life, a democracy reduced to the tyranny of tiny majorities who find emotional satisfaction in a violent, resentful rhetoric while their narrowly-elected leaders strip away their rights and persecute their neighbours. That might be quite bad enough.

big boom big boom: Inside the gold plated helicopter

GO LOOK big boom big boom: Inside the gold plated helicopter: Source: International Jet Interiors Interior of Donald Trump’s private helicopter. (2015)


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Host a screening of the TED talk "How a Handful of Companies Control Billions of Minds Every Day" by Tristan Harris.



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ring of fire

someone woke up the ring of fire:

This is a map of (2-2) earthquake activity just within the past 24 hours. All the scientists will swear up and down this is all normal, but then again they also said earthquakes could be more severe than usual this month, so take your pick. VIA

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(if it's TV or any other media, if it feels dark to you, turn it off. NOW, please.)

big boom big boom: I Hate Illinois Nazis

we're picking our best posts! big boom big boom: I Hate Illinois Nazis



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bots too?

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Elizabeth Magie was inspired by her passion for the anti-monopolist economic theories of politician Henry George, and her desire to teach them to others in a simple, compelling way led her to develop The Landlord’s Game.
On the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) explores “how is play changing our lives?” with leading writers, thinkers, game designers, poets, artists— and you. Discover new writing on games and society, hear artists talk about what play means to them and see our curators in action as we prepare to open, PlayTime, the first major thematic exhibition to explore the role of play in contemporary art and culture.


02018 stay weird

art makes you think big...MAKE ART

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supermoons again?

NEXT supermoon arrives January 1, 2018...
January 2018 brings full Moons—both supermoons! The first is the night of January 1—on New Year’s. This is the biggest supermoon of the year, aligning nearest to perigee—the Moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.  (January 31 is the second full Moon—also a Blue Moon!) via

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The history of a single monument is writ large in Pettengill's new short film, Graven Image, produced by Field of Vision and premiered on The Atlantic Dec. 1.

THIS is how I will spend my free time all winter...  BOOM BOOM

wrap up 2017: eye fruit

Eye Fruit: The Art of Franklin Williams at the Art Museum of Sonoma County

Installation view of Eye Fruit: The Art of Franklin Williams at the Art Museum of Sonoma County
May 13–September 3
Franklin Williams had been one of the more arcane examples of unclassifiable Bay Area artists from the late 20th century. In 2017, Eye Fruit changed all that. This show offered the first and, thus far, the only retrospective on Williams’s massive career, introducing the art world at large to a formidable talent whose work is the very distillation of authentic self-expression. It’s no wonder that Williams’s art has since shown in LA at the Parker Gallery, is currently on display through December 22 in New York City at Karma Gallery, and will be exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in the near future. Eye Fruit alone, however, deftly showed what was in store for art viewers as others take on the task of comprehensively examining the inimitable, mystical, and fascinating art of Franklin Williams. —Clayton Schuster



Boy meets Girl

Isle of Dogs! Coming March 2018

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!  BOOM!!!!

Isle of Dogs (March 23)
Following the charming Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson is back on his stop-motion-animation game with Isle of Dogs, the story of a Japanese boy who, in order to find his pet Spots, ventures to just what the title promises, a quarantined island of dogs. We have a feeling things will probably go better for him than for the explorers in Annihilation. The list of voice actors is enough to gawk over; Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Greta Gerwig, and Yoko Ono are just some of the famous (furry) friends who star.

That’s impressive, but it is an overwhelmingly white cast for a movie set in Japan…- Village Voice

R.I.S.E. nothing is natural

R.I.S.E.: Nothing is Natural at Reed College

(image courtesy Reed College)
August 11–October 1
Nothing is Natural was organized at Reed College by Indigenous artist Demian DinéYazhi’, curator and Director of Cooley Art Gallery Stephanie Snyder, and Indigenous arts collective  R.I.S.E. (Radical Indigenous Survivance and Empowerment). The exhibition, which was part of Converge 45 in Portland, Oregon, featured two installation works, one along the banks of tributary in Reed Canyon, and one in the historic Student Union. The outdoor installation, created by art collective Winter Count, titled “Nothing is Natural,” is an incredibly poignant work, redressing the notion of violence against the natural world, violence against women, and violence against Indigenous bodies. A work by Postcommodity, “Gallup Motel Butchering,” illuminated the contested nature of the landscape of Gallup, New Mexico as a commodified space — realities that tourism and the remnants of old Route 66 still present there — and that its identity as an Indigenous territory is often ghettoized. —Erin Joyce

How not to be Angry all the Time

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get it?

one of the best

one of the best

we did a bunch of helicopter stuff when drumpf was elected

we did a bunch of helicopter stuff when drumpf was elected

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look for free gifts on this blog
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please believe me!
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