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U.S. company Kraft Heinz, known for bottles of ketchup and other condiments, introduced an unholy combination of mayonnaise and ketchup mixed in the small bottle recently, which is called Mayochup. Earlier this month, it was introduced to Canadians. The name of the condiment doesn’t seem offensive, unless, of course, you speak Cree. In the native language, Mayochup can be translated to mean “shitfaced” or “shit is on my face.”

But members of the Cree community in Canada are laughing about the mistranslation, including over Twitter and on the radio. Kraft Heinz has yet to respond to the translation goof.

Nikola Tesla Greatest Secret EXPOSED


Tesla photo album


Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Charles Steinmetz. Estación Marconi in Somerset, New Jersey in 1921


Tesla Long Lost Drawing

Tesla Long-Lost Drawings Reveal Genius Map For Multiplication | Disclose.tv

Numbers, according to this diagram, organise themselves into the pattern of 3, 6, 9 and 12 repeating the sequence, and a quote by Tesla which said, "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe, "suggests that this is vital to solving many of the problems mathematicians have long been trying to uncover."

Can we escape?

WTF? (What's This For?)

So if this is a simulation, who does it belong to?
If it’s us, then who are we, and if it’s not, then who are the owners of the game and why have they created it?
This may indeed be simulation, with the question, are we players or pawns?

Riz might be on the Matrix like the rest of us, but he’s closer to the edge.

Riz's website is ZenEntrepreneur.com

If you trace synchronicities and track power through both dreaming and waking consciousness then you'll appreciate this show: HERE



“The grizzly bear – Hoonaw, as we call him – is held in high esteem, not only in our Hopi culture, but by other Native people in the United States and Canada. He is a healer and a medicine man. He plays a central role in the traditions, ceremonies, and the sovereignty of the Native people,” said Benjamin H. Nuvamsa, member of the Hopi Bear Clan and former chairman of the Hopi Tribe. “It was the most powerful of bears that guided and protected my ancestors to arrive at Tuuwanasavi (‘Center of the Universe’), as we call the place where we live today. The bear, from which my ancestors took their name, gave rise to other important clans at Hopi. Today, the Bear Clan continues as traditional leaders, and an influential clan in the Hopi culture and Hopi way of life.”

Tesla Motor

Two-Phase Tesla AC Motor


#ClimateFacts: The Future of Elephants

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Black Knight

One of the most interesting facts is that Nikola Tesla claimed to have intercepted radio signals, from space, from the Black Knight Satellite.

Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious men who ever lived. Tesla’s inventions went far beyond electricity. He made groundbreaking discoveries such as wireless radio communications, turbine engines, helicopters (although it was Da Vinci who first had the idea), fluorescent and neon lights, torpedoes and the X-ray among others.
By the time of his death, Tesla held nearly 700 worldwide patents. On 17 May 1899, Tesla moved to Colorado Springs where he would investigate atmospheric electricity, observed lightning signals via his receivers. Tesla stated that he observed stationary waves during this time.
The great distances and the nature of what Tesla was detecting from lightning storms confirmed his belief that the earth had a resonant frequency. He produced artificial lightning (with discharges consisting of millions of volts and up to 135 feet long). Thunder from the released energy was heard 15 miles away in Cripple Creek, Colorado. But most importantly while in Colorado Springs, Tesla intercepted strange radio signals that spread through the media incredibly fast. Tesla observed unusual signals from his receiver; Tesla concluded that these signals might actually be signals that have originated somewhere in space.
He mentioned these signals in a letter to reporter Julian Hawthorne at the Philadelphia North American on 8 December 1899 and in a December 1900 letter about possible discoveries in the new century to the Red Cross Society where he referred to messages “from another world” that read “1… 2… 3…”.

i keep askin'

i keep askin'


The web is 30 years old.
I have clothes over 30 years old.


Maori culture have a proverb that says "Ko tahi tanga" which simply means we are one, and together is the only way it can be done.

we are made of stars

we are made of stars
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where are they??

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what is the opposite of mental?
what is the reverse of midget?

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REVIEW: Janice L. Loper 5 stars Emotional. Truthful. Intensely absorbing. Eloquent. November 29, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition You get such an emotional response from each page. Your mind shouts, “Yes, This is truth.” As you read. Some passages leave you bleeding and stunned. Others have you shaking your head. These collections and musings are quite stirring. The truth can be quite ugly.


Wayfarers: Where No One Is An OutcastWayfarers: Where No One Is An Outcast by J. Glenn Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

J Glenn’s visionary fiction novel Wayfarers – Where No One Is an Outcast is about an interesting mix of homeless people who want to help other homeless people. Do we need it? Absolutely.

Right to the end of his fiction novel, suspense abounds.

In real life: There are always two groups of people: the Have’s and the Have Not’s. Can there be a Happy Ending? The brilliant idea from Wayfarers story leads the author to buy land in Oklahoma for this very purpose: a farm where the homeless can resettle in 2019.

A page turner to the very end, this dystopian fiction by my friend J Glenn inspired him to create the very safe home/habitat the book describes.

I write more about him on my Lara blog: https://laratracehentz.wordpress.com/...

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