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ya think?

my talent is your talent

my talent is your talent
๏̯͡๏﴿ we all need helmets! ๏̯͡๏﴿


Me too. #SilentNoMore

Greenfield, MA

Oh God I am sobbing. I was just on Facebook and all my friends are posting Me too.
Me too means they were sexually assaulted or harassed or worse. It seems all my friends are posting the same Me Too. It's an avalanche.

My friend just posted this:
Me, too.
If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote, "Me, too," as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.
It doesn't have to be rape, it can be attempted rape, groping, cat calls like, "nice legs, great tits". It's being touched anywhere, having the boy behind you in high school snap your bra strap or comment on your breasts.
It's filthy jokes at work, the boss makes you uncomfortable by being to close, the guy in the bar who makes you so uncomfortable you have to get a friend to help. It's not being able to walk down the street without whistling and being afraid to walk alone after dark.
It's even being told to, "Smile, you'll look prettier."
It happens more than people realize.
Please share.

I am sobbing because I buried some of the assaults. More than one. And now it's coming back to me. I didn't want to remember them. And now the flood gates opened.

Please get help. I did. It's OK to cry.

UPDATE! What about BLOGGER? and #FREEZEME Equifax

Blogging is a good release like a good book. We want you to feel a little wild in your visits here.

Here at BOOM BOOM, we are facing forward with the challenge of hating (google) Blogger Platform (for google's dirty invasion of our privacy and doggin' and selling our data) ...but contrast that with our big love for the design freedom of Blogger. We like to tweak and change the sidebar, for example.

You already KNOW we like to play around a lot on BOOM.
And I just read that blogger may be on the way out? So they'll be forcing me to move this blog? Maybe by 2018?

If we do go to wordpress, it lacks that pizzazz (Boom's humble opinion) and wordpress is truly more for writing and not design. (We like writing but we LOVE design in our blogs)

So please let us think about this all month. Do we want to keep our artistic spirit here and be free to goof  --- OR we move on to a new platform?

THEN what are we going to do about data theft by Equifax?
BOOM thinks all the credit reporting agencies need to be gone - we were affected by this latest data breach. FREEZE me please!

Go ahead and leave us a comment on this blog, too. What do you think?

we're on a roll!

Jamie Ghost Fart is all over this!


Vivaldi 4 seasons (winter) 432 hz

Ghost Fart on Kurt Russell


"That is the elf who makes people sleep to free them from the clutches of the cellphones. The others are still to be attended." from a commenter


phantom fares?

There have been numerous reports of "spectral figures" in residential districts that have been scoured of all buildings and spirits lining up outside shops that no longer exist.

SPOOKY: Taxi drivers in tsunami disaster zone report 'ghost passengers' - Telegraph


Way, Way Ambitious

(click) Ai Weiwei Is Way, Way Ambitious The celebrated Chinese artist’s new public art project, comprised of 300 (!) one-of-a-kind sculptures spread throughout the five boroughs, is meant to draw attention to the global refugee crisis. But a good cause is different than good art. WNYC’s art critic Deborah Solomon looks at whether the project is a creative triumph. (WNYC News)

Fountain, Marcel Duchamp Urinal Dress

Halloween is right around the corner, party people! When it comes to costumes, are you one of those perfectionists who will settle for nothing short of a handmade masterpiece? If yes, this one̵…, Scott Beale, 2011 MORE HERE


Today's Book of Poetry: Dear Ghost - Catherine Owen

(click) Today's Book of Poetry: Dear Ghost - Catherine Owen (A Buckrider Book/W...: A Buckrider Book.  Wolsak & Wynn.  Hamilton, Ontario.  2017.

Dear Ghost is a more mature voice from the irrepressible Owen. 
This Owen, four years later, is more contemplative than reactive, more
deliberate than spontaneous.  The resulting poems still vibrate with her
tangible energy and intelligence but Owen's focus has tightened.

In Dear Ghost, Owen returns to the kooky imagery and humorous style she last visited with her award-winning collection Frenzy. These poems plumb the depths of the psyche’s surrealities, entering a dreamlike realm where meaning is found in the nonsensical, the utterly human and the everyday. Owen gathers her subjects from her daily life – touching on work, sex, acquaintances and art – and imbues them with the extraordinary quirks and uncertainties that only language can create. The effects are dizzying.
Review (Liz Worth, Quill & Quire, 01/04/2017)
"Owen writes down to the bone, laying out plain and simple facts and leaving her readers to feel their way through the work. At times the subject matter seems starkly ordinary, yet there is a weight to the delivery that makes the poems seem much more momentous."
Click here to read an excerpt from Dear Ghost.

what is wrong

EPA chief Scott Pruitt announced plans to reverse an Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Glowworms in Motion - A Time-lapse of NZ's Glowworm Caves in 4K

Muddy roads & dusty trails: Unraveling the spreading cloth of time

(click for a book review)
I had a part in this book - as co-editor....I also wrote a chapter Four Souls... It's not hard to read about the miracles of this world - let me tell you... BOOM!
Si Otsedoha (We are Still Here)

Reading The Woolly Worm

It’s time again to shine the spotlight on a certain caterpillar—the woolly worm! According to folklore, this fuzzy fellow has the ability to predict the weather.



Yeah. We are.

I'm mourning Tom Petty, my favorite Florida Man™ of all time. Not only is "You Don't Know How It Feels" one of the most pleasant disaffected-stoner anthems ever written, it's a pretty good rule of thumb. You don't know what it's like in anyone else's shoes—which does not absolve you of the responsibility of trying to consider their perspective, but in fact should be a reminder to not assume the entire world sees things as you do. Despite all of his mega-hits I've listened to over and over (and the lesser-known gems like "Casa Dega"), one of my favorite things Tom Petty ever wrote was his 2015 disavowal of the Confederate flag, which he had used as a backdrop on his 1985 Southern Accents tour:

"Beyond the flag issue, we're living in a time that I never thought we'd see. The way we're losing black men and citizens in general is horrific. What's going on in society is unforgivable. As a country, we should be more concerned with why the police are getting away with targeting black men and killing them for no reason. That's a bigger issue than the flag. Years from now, people will look back on today and say, "You mean we privatized the prisons so there's no profit unless the prison is full?" You'd think someone in kindergarten could figure out how stupid that is. We're creating so many of our own problems."

Yeah. We are. - Ann Friedman

if you have an IT person...

My friend Elliott explained about the Equifax hack at an AARP meeting in Vermont recently. He's my IT friend for everything...

Tell the IT people what happened (seriously, tell them everything)

Finally, if you have to report something to your IT department please, please don’t cut down or amend your story. We want to know everything. Something small and insignificant can drastically change the troubleshooting steps we need to go through and even a small detail missed can reduce our efficiency and effectiveness.
We want to know literally everything you can remember before and after an event to build a better picture of what happened. (We will find it eventually and be annoyed you didn’t share!)
We’re on your side, and we’d love to have you on ours – we’re all in this together.
More tips

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Hands Up Don't Shoot

The amazing Kimya Dawson? If you want to hear her full a cappella song, you can find it at theintercept.com/podcasts.

THIS has become the most tweeted in the WORLD